Automated Mechanical Switch


This particular project is a very special one to me – this is the first ever innovation I have done and it is also the predecessor of what later became my first patent.

To quote from my own presentation in 2007:

In offices and factories, people who move about frequently leave the fans and lights on which leads to wastage of electricity. This model shows a way that as soon as the person gets up from the chair power supply is cut off and the fans and lights are automatically switched off. When he returns to his seat the current passes and the lights and fans are switched on.

The design was that every chair was to have two bases or seats, one over the other – one on which the person will actually sit and another which acts as a base. The rest of the chair is the same. The two seats are kept at distance from each other by a spring. Each seat has a metal contact in the center.

So, it works like this – when the person sits, the springs are compressed bringing the metal contacts together and closing the circuit and any connected appliance will switch on. When the person gets up, the springs return to their original position breaking the connection between the metal contacts and thus switching off the device.

This obviously had a lot of defects, for starters it’s difficult to do the wiring and it’s also dangerous to have high voltages passing near human beings. The other defect is, the springs will no suit every person since compression basically depends on weight applied.

However by adding electronics and wireless data transfer to the same concept, it got rid off all these defects and led to a “patent-able” design. But nevertheless, it all started with this!

It was my dad's idea to call it "Magic Sitter"

It was my dad’s idea to call it “Magic Sitter”


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