The Worm-Bot


Bionics is one of the most promising candidates in futuristic robotics wherein robots will be created and programmed to mimic nature’s natural movements i.e. animal movements. A worm’s movement is arguably the easiest of all and thus for starters I targeted that. I have seen worm robots that use servo motors or hydraulics but all that is just out of my monetary possibilities.

As it turns out, we don’t need any of those fancy high-tech stuff. All that’s required are 2 modest low RPM motors, two narrow wooden planks, a small hinge,  a couple of transistors, a battery, a micro-controller and some careful programming.

All that the micro-controller needs to be programmed for is, to alternatively switch on two transistors (here acting as electronic switches). The transistor then drives the DC motor. Two wood planks are hinged horizontally and aligned in a V-shape with the motors clamped to the ends of the planks on opposite sides. Although there are few details that I haven’t yet said, this has to be one of the easiest and perhaps cheapest robots that can be done.




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