The Electro-Mechanical Clock


This project essentially brings together what I have done separately in different works. It was nice fun to do an all electronics project like a full fledged digital clock or a PCB and also a heavy duty workstation made from wood. But the real fun begins when all that is put into one project.  I love both electronics and mechanical engineering and so I wanted make something that portrays the importance of time and also the essence of electronics and mechanical and there came the Electro-Mechanical Clock.

A clock because, as far as I am concerned, time is the most important quantity. This clock contains almost everything – microcontroller, transistor, IC, LED displays, resistors, capacitors, inductors and circuitry done two ways, both as a PCB and also the traditional wired way.

To go with that, there is also a gear assembly and a roller bearing (two gems from the mechanical world) and not to forget the electrical – a transformer and a DC motor.

From gear design to PCB design, this project demanded everything I have. This is just the introduction to the 24 steps it takes to make this. Check it out:


The time was 8: 10!

The movement of the gears:

The minutes counter:


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