C for Beginners


This is my second book but my first practical ‘reader oriented’ book. The first book was a short thesis that barely nobody has read, but this book is one of the special things I have done.

To begin with, this book is aimed at people who are about to learn C and for those who have “learnt” and passed their exams but still don’t quite have an idea of what the deal is with C. Therefore I wanted this book to be as engaging as possible. The purpose of this book is to give the reader a seamless way to learn C. The fact that the content is only broken down into chapters for namesake, is to exuberate continuity. The same can be said for the order in which the book approaches its end. But, there is a table of contents available for anybody to search for something particular instead of reading the whole work again.

As a student, I was not particularly fond of loads of examples right after each and every syntax that was discussed. Programs are included in between texts but the number of programs is greatly reduced to not scare away a less persistent reader. I would like any  reader to approach the book in two parts – the first being the text which is to tell and explain what they have to know about C and the second being the additional information in the appendices and the stack of programs at the end for the more interested reader. It is often student mentality to feel insecure after pages of programs that illustrate a one line definition. I wanted to avoid that and for that reason limited programs are explained in great detail in between texts. In a crisp way, the main text contains what one “needs” to know and the appendices & programs contain what one “should have” known about C.

A lot about C is said in countless books and though I know this is not by any means an extensive work. I hope that any reader after picking though this book (at least the textual part) is left with a fulfilling experience of learning the fundamentals of C and thereby set themselves up for any advanced course in programming.


One's face might not last forever, but one's name should! //hp07

One’s face might not last forever, but one’s name should! //hp07


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